How to Write Your Ebook in 7 days: A secret weapon for writers

Here’s how to Write Your Ebook in 7 Days.

It’s pretty simple, you buy Write Your Ebook in 7 days by Jose Rosado.

When it comes to getting you short-form book out and have it sell, look no further.

Do you have a message you want to share with the world?

This book will help you get it out there.


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With that out of the way, let’s get on with it, shall we?

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Write Your Ebook in 7 Days – a secret weapon for writers.

Write your ebook in 7 days
He’s going to need a bigger cup.

Jose Rosado has been quietly building a small empire.

How do you build an empire?

You build it by giving value to people.

The value here comes in the form of practical, actionable, no-nonsense guidlines when it comes to writing a book.

Write Your Ebook in 7 Days was the first product I bought from Jose.

Let me be clear this book has stuck with me.

There are lessons in here I implement into my own daily writing. I’ll refer to this book frequently. Even as I am writing this I’ve had the book open in another tab.

When you first see the title of the book, you might not take it seriously.

It may sound like one of those get rich quick schemes.

Believe me when I say it offers so much more than that.

I bought Write Your Ebook in 7 Days because it’s something I want to do but wasn’t too sure how. I mean, I’m a writer, shouldn’t I, you know, write?

Are you a writer?

How come you’re not writing right now?

Even if you’re not a writer, I bet you have some secret knowledge you’re dying to share with the world?

How can you give value?

What’s stopping you from starting now?

The write mindset to Write Your Ebook in 7 days

There are loads of writing guides out there.

Entire sections of bookstores devoted to telling you what to write and how.

There are a few great writing guides out there, don’t get me wrong. So many of these guides fail to get to the heart of how to write. There are so many that only focus on the content.

You might be a bit like me.

On some level, you understand the physical act of writing is a small part of the writing process.

Have you ever sat down at the computer and your fingers just freeze up when they get close to the keyboard?

You ever think “I suck, I’ve no business writing a shopping list let alone a book”?

I know I have.

To be honest, I got that feeling writing this post.

As you read this now, understand I’ve had a conversation with myself.

To publish or not to publish, that is the question.

When you recommend something, you hope that people get the same amount of value from it you did.

Write your Ebook in 7 Days understands these doubts you have and addresses how you get past them.

The first section of the book is devoted to breaking through your mental barriers. The mental barriers that would dissuade you from starting in the first place.

Here are some of the Mental barriers:

  • “I suck at writing.” ( I can relate to this one a little too much)
  • “I’m no expert. I’m afraid of being judged.”

And who could forget:

  •  “People won’t buy my ebook.”

Write your ebook in 7 days tells you how to break through those barriers.

Now your head in is in the right place.

Now you know you can do it.

The Meat of Write Your Ebook in 7 days

Now maybe you don’t have those confidence issues.

You could be reading this thinking “I already know how to break through mental barriers”.

Cool for you and how did you get this far without any worry or self-doubt. I’m kind of curious and a lot jealous. Please leave your answers in the comments below.

Write Your Ebook in 7 days tells you the best practices that will turn you into a word minting machine.

5000 words in a day?

Write Your Ebook in 7 days makes it feel possible.

The key is to start small.

Aim for 1000 words a day.

One of the many advantages of an ebook is that it doesn’t have to be a massive tome.

In fact, the shorter, the better.

There’s so much information out there and so much of it is flabby and unessential.

The ability to get to the point in as few words possible is the mark of a true master.

The minimum amount of words for an ebook is somewhere in the 5000 words range.

Any shorter than that and you might want to consider turning it into a long blog post.

What I love about this book is there’s no mystique. There’s not navel-gazing. It’s cold hard facts.

You need to get into the habit of writing every day.

In that regard, this book gave me a boot up the ass.

This book got me to take action.

I started on an endeavour called Space Janitor. 300 words per day and then published here. I’m not worried about getting it good, I’m worried about getting it out there. If you want to know more then click here.

To get back on track, the book tells you what’s important is not the quality of the writing. You could spend the rest of your life waiting for something to be perfect.

Write Your Ebook in 7 Days tells you what matters is you get that first draft written.

Worry about being good later.

Editors Note

In fact, if you want to get serious about writing, then you have to understand, your first draft will be terrible.

It’s in the editing where things come together.

If you’ve read this far already first may I compliment you on your exquisite taste?

Second, you probably have an advantage over me.

You’re probably better at editing your own work than I ever will be.

Editing is a struggle for me.

It has taken me years to get comfortable with editing my own writing.

Honestly, I still cringe reading over my stuff.

But if I don’t like my own writing, then why the hell should you be expected to read it?

Write Your Ebook in 7 Days reveals the secret steps to getting your book written edited and published. You have to write like no one is going to read it.

It shares tips on how to speed up your writing too. Now some of you purists might view writing fast as heresy. Surely you have to spend ages considering each word and sentence?

You will find the strategies laid out within useful.

Honestly, I’m surprised there aren’t more people talking about them, let alone implementing.

Consistency is key

Write your Ebook emphasises the importance of consistency.

In fact, the steps outlined aren’t just useful for non-fiction writers.

A little about me I’m a creative writer primarily.

Short stories, plays and film scripts (one of the scripts was made into a film; Deadville which you can watch here).

I’ve got so much value from writing every day. It’s much better than what I used to do.

What did I used to do?

I would proclaim “WRITERS BLOCK!” and go play Call of Duty like a loser.

If you write every day, even when you don’t want to, you’ll realise writers’ block is a bunch of bullshit you tell yourself so you can skive.

Write Your Ebook in 7 days eschews highfaluting vernacular most writing manuals contain ( you know books with phrases like “eschews highfaluting vernacular”).

The book keeps its guidance simple and actionable.

After it’s done

Write Your Ebook in 7 days breaks down every aspect of creating an ebook and getting people to read it.

You’re sorted, from cover to online store.

Don’t know what to write about?

Write Your Ebook tells you how to discover your topic.

You’re guided through the launch of your book.

Worried about what format to use? How to design your cover? Where to sell?

It’s all in here.

You’re told how to set up a sales page.

How to manage presales and promotion is included too.

Write Your Ebook in 7 Days is the full package.

From idea to finished product.

This is a fantastic weapon in the fight most writers have with procrastination.

There’s no stuffy elitism in here, everyone can have a slice of the pie.

It will give you the confidence you need to write.

You’ll understand you can get paid online for your writing.

Write Your Ebook in 7 days, more than many other writing guides out there has made me take action with my own writing.

I am writing an ebook, it’ll be out at the start of April.

Write Your Ebook in 7 Days: Conclusion

You need Write Your Ebook in 7 Days if you:

  • Have value to give
  • Want to build a habit of daily writing
  • Want to make money online
  • Feel intimidated about writing
  • Want to self publish but don’t know where to begin
  • All of the above

This book has helped me build up my daily writing habit. I’m now confident in my own writing and know my own Ebook is going to be a top seller.

If you’re in a similar place buy Write Your Ebook in 7 days here now.

If you have enjoyed this blog post, would you mind giving it a share because it might help someone who’s struggling.

Thank you for reading.

Have a great day and speak to you soon,



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