Space Janitor 061-070

Space Janitor (061-070) couldn’t make out any signs of life. While Shep had not been in here long, there were already signs of the freeze on him. Space Janitor gave Shep a nudge. The dog was an icicle. Space Janitor shook harder, nothing happened. Space Janitor became impatient and frustrated. He shook him harder. A … Continue reading Space Janitor 061-070

Hot Yoga: Blissful simple stretching

woman hot yoga pose

What did the hot yoga instructor call their dog? You’ll find out at the end. Photo by Valeria Ushakova on First, I’m going to write about hot yoga. How initially I’ve always been sniffy about alternative therapies/practices. Through consciously being more open-minded, I have encountered a lot of fantastic experiences. Hot yoga is one … Continue reading Hot Yoga: Blissful simple stretching