The Boys: A reccomendation

The Boys is something I recommend to you. It’s available now on Amazon Prime. I don’t know what impression you get of me from my writings. There’s a chance you think I hate everything. While it’s not completely untrue, let me stress to you, I don’t tolerate the mediocre. Especially when it comes to entertainment. … Continue reading The Boys: A reccomendation


I was on a podcast

Hi there, this is a real short post. Recently the guys over at Mcpodcasting had me on. Dan and I spoke about Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. You can watch the first half hour on YouTube here: You can listen to the full episode here. Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend. Speak … Continue reading I was on a podcast

Simplified Story System: Five steps to better stories

Simplified Story System

This is going to be a short post. I want to get into it straight away. Here is my simplified story system. Use these points to guide yourself to a better story. The points are: Introductions Things go well Realisation Choice Aftermath That's the Simplified Story System. There you go. You can take the five … Continue reading Simplified Story System: Five steps to better stories