Space Janitor 129 – Who uses the user?

Space Janitor (129) got it into his head that he would have to make some play. There was no way he could stick the remainder of his existence out in this cell. Mind control or manipulation was going on, and Space Janitor would have to solve it. While he knew without being told this was not part of his job description, there was mistreatment going on.

Digger was still licking away at Space Janitor’s bowl. Denabol, the top dog, the one in charge, is this how he kept in control? Space Janitor was hungry, but he decided a rumbling stomach was preferable. He would not eat for a variety of reasons. Space Janitor was not sure where the meat came from. He would also need to hold onto whatever brains he possessed.

It didn’t feel right letting Digger eat the food. What were the options? Let him either get more stupid or remain at the current level of stupidity. Digger was the only chance of Space Janitor getting free you see. Digger was a big dog with thick fur. If he wasn’t smiling the whole time with a tongue lolling all over the place, he would be an intimidating figure.

Space Janitor watched him eat until Digger finished.

Aside from the guard dog that brought him food, they had been mainly left alone. Their cages were closest to the doors. The jail area reached round the corner. Were their other captives? Space Janitor didn’t hear any barking at least so maybe not.

Either way, he pushed the welfare of any other pooches to the back of his mind as he needed to get out himself.

Could he use Digger as a tool?


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Space Janitor 129 Space Janitor 129


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