Space Janitor 130: Less Talk, more digging

Space Janitor (130) swallowed a lump in his throat. He knew there was a chance if this went severely wrong, he would definitely risk his life. He would have to coax Digger into living up to his new name.

“Say Digger, how about you show me how to dig? I bet you can be really good at it when you want to be,”

“What, no, no, no. No, listen to me,” said Digger then stopped.

“I’m listening,” Space Janitor said. Digger had stood up and begun pacing the cell, his tail wagging behind him.

“You see, they, as in the other dogs, the big dogs, Denobol, told me I can’t dig anymore,” Digger said. “I can’t dig any more,” he continued, “The guards said Idiot don’t dig. Promise us. And I said, don’t put me in a cage. They said OK, so I said OK. I stopped digging, and they didn’t put me in a cage,”

“Well, they broke their promise to you,” Space Janitor.

“No, they didn’t, they made a promise they wouldn’t. Dogs said they would keep it and they did.”

“You’re in a cage,”

“This is a kennel, it’s for my own good. Guards said if they need me for some big dig they’ll get me,” said Digger pacing about quicker.

Space Janitor would have to try a different track.

“You know what? Feels like this whole digging thing is a story you tell to impress people,” Space Janitor started. He didn’t want to be mean to Digger, but he saw no other way.

“Huh, no, no. I dig,”

“All you di is talk about digging. You’re a liar Digger,” Space Janitor said. Digger flinched and paced quicker. “Why am I even calling you Digger? You lie and expect me to believe it. Liar.”

Digger was even more agitated grabbing the bars trying to bend them.

“You wanna see who the liar is?”


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Space Janitor 130 Space Janitor 130


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