Thank you for making June the best month

Thank you for what has been the best month yet for May had been a bit of a lull, but June surpassed all expectations and then some.

Thank you again.

I’ve been a firm believer that you don’t need everyone to read your content. All that you need is that one person who will read all of your content. took a step closer to reaching that goal in June.

I wrote a piece on the power of affirmations and how you can do them. I wrote about how affirmations aren’t magical thinking, but a means to rewire your brain. Affirmations improve your focus.

Scott Adams made me take affirmations seriously. I thought that he might appreciate my article. I’m quite fortunate in that during the run-up to the election of 2016 Scott, and I regularly interacted on Twitter. Our consistent interaction lead to him following me.

Our mutual following meant that I was able to message him directly. Messaging him directly meant that I had a higher chance of having my work seen by him.

I took a chance and decided that I would message him the article. I thought that he would see my article and say thank you.

What happened next far surpassed my expectations. Not only did Scott read it, but he also complimented my writing and shared it with his followers.

This lead to an explosion in readers. The view count shot way up and has exceeded the combined views of the previous three months.

With more exposure, it has meant that I am one step closer to finding that one true fan.

What can you learn from this?

You have to understand something that it has taken me years to grasp.

Consistency is far more important than quality. I have been making daily writing part of my routine. I have the articles for, and I also have the fiction work. Little by little my writing is getting better.

Do something consistently, and through habit alone, you will become better.

I wasn’t even sure about the quality of the article, but Scott complimented my writing. That’s good enough for me.

Don’t wait to be ready to start something.

Be grateful.

I’ve written about gratitude. So I have to say a big “Thank you” to Scott for taking the extra steps and sharing the article. The compliment and knowing that he read the piece was good enough for me. Him sharing it was the icing on top.

Of course on some level, I was hoping he would share the work and thankfully he did so thank you again, Scott.

I will show my gratitude to him financially by buying more of his work soon.

A big thank you to you too. Whether you’ve found me through Scott Adams or you’ve been here from March I appreciate your readership. There is a lot of content out there so thank you for taking the time to engage with mine.

July is going to be a bit of a comedown view wise, but together you and I are going to make it another great month.

Thank you and see you in July.

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