Affirmations and the action you can take now

Affirmations an introduction

Affirmations are everything.

You recently read about how I meditate and how I practice gratitude. Here’ another daily practice that I do and that is writing affirmations.

Affirmations aren’t the most hippy-dippy thing I do, but I’m self-conscious about it. I shouldn’t be telling you about this but in my quest to not be ashamed of anything, here we are.

Affirmations is either writing down something that you want or stating it out loud to yourself. I do a bit of both every day.

Part of my reason for telling you about all these unusual activities is that it’s to inform you. To tell you that there’s no set way of doing things.

I want to break down my method for others. If you’re reading this and struggling, then I hope that this will provide you with some help.

Scott Adams

You’re aware of affirmations, what they are, you make a positive statement about yourself. “I, Kieran Majury, am a confident person” was one that I used to use before going out in public. Over time I found myself becoming more confident.

You’re thinking, what a load of new-age nonsense.

I was in the same place as you. I thought, how the hell is that going to help?

It wasn’t until I read How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big that I took affirmations seriously. Scott wrote about several occasions that affirmations helped him out.

Scott Adams is a highly successful author. Adams created Dilbert, the widely syndicated comic strip and has written many books.

If anyone is living proof of the power of affirmations, it’s Scott.

Scott believes that humans are moist robots. Like other robots, we’re programmable.

What’s the harm in trying?

Summer of 69

Let’s take a trip back in time to the early 2000s. I was in Our Lady and St Patrick’s College Knock and being a hormonal teenager. I had sex on the brain 24/7.

It was a time before the widely available internet. There was the “family computer” so access to porn wasn’t instantaneous the way it is now. Back then, we had to make do with the Channel 5 Friday night movie (The Ups and Downs of a Handyman is a classic, the policeman falls over).

Due to my perpetual horniness, I saw sex everywhere; I saw the number 69 as having great significance.

I would consistently see the number 69, and it had to mean something, didn’t it? It got to the point that friends would point out the number out to me.

The joke became 69 would follow me everywhere except the bedroom. Was I being followed around by this number?

Short Answer


Slightly longer answer

The number didn’t occur more than usual to me than it did to anyone else. What happened was that my mind had been programmed to be extra vigilant for that number.

Humans have inbuilt biases and pattern recognition. When these two combine you can see whatever you want yourself to see.

Younger me had decided that it wanted to see significance in the number 69 so it saw the number 69 wherever it could.

Reprogramme yourself now

You’re wondering why I’m telling you this. I’m telling you because it’s how I believe affirmations work. I’m not a scientist or anything like that, so take what I’m about to tell you with more than your RDA of salt.

Affirmations are a way of manually reprogramming your brain. I’m not one of these people who believes that I’m “asking the universe to get me a car”. Far from that. In fact, I’m asking myself to see opportunity where I wouldn’t before. In the end, I have to go out and do the work.

When you do affirmations your job doesn’t start and end with you writing them down. You have to get out there and do the work.

Affirmations are a way of getting yourself into the right mindset. Breaking out of the negative conditioning that the modern world has instilled in you.

The joke tells the truth. So there’s the man who asks God to help him win the lottery. Weeks turn into months turn into years “Oh God please help me win the lottery”. The clouds open and the man hears a deep, commanding voice “Buy a ticket”.

Possible evidence

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ve probably heard me speak of how I need a new job. I’ve written about it a few times on Like the man from the joke, it would help if sent and application out every once in a while.

One of my affirmations was “I, Kieran Majury will get a new job.”

Recently I was offered a promotion at work. Was this because I did the affirmations? No, it was because through doing affirmations I became a better worker.

My time keeping improved, as did my attitude and I became a better employee. My employers recognised my improvements.

Do you want another personal example?

One of my daily mottos is “ will become a highly popular website”. Now it’s not blowing up or anything, but after a bit of a lull last month June is looking to be the best month since I started.

Do I believe that people across the globe are asking “I wonder what happens if I key Kieran Majury into the search bar?”


It’s because I’m uploading more consistently than before and because of that I’m becoming more visible. I’m doing a bit more promotion and am less ashamed of my writing.

For better or worse is on the up.

How to do affirmations

Affirmations are easy to do.

Get yourself an A6 notebook and write out what you will do, Do that fifteen times.

This is the perfect size notebook for affirmations.

My current one: I, Kieran Majury, will be rich.

It’s basic but it’s what I need. The one aspect of my life that needs improvement is my finances.

I also put a date on the top of the page so that if I ever want to see how I have progressed I can do that.

So do it every day as soon as you wake up.

The only thing you have to worry about is someone catching you writing your affirmations. You’ll get funny looks.

My dad found me writing them, “What the hell are you doing?” it would have been less embarrassing had he walked in on me masturbating.

Praying and Affirmation: A hypothesis

Do you pray? There’s a chance if you’re reading this that you’ve prayed at some point in your life.

You only bother a higher power when you want something. Prayers are a series of words recited, and when doing so, you concentrate on what you desire.

There isn’t much difference between prayer and affirmations. They take on different forms, but the route purpose is the same.

If you’re too self-conscious about writing down or speaking out affirmations consider saying a prayer.

So see how you get on.

It worked for Chris Pratt.


6 thoughts on “Affirmations and the action you can take now

  1. Your “69” example is perfect. You see what you want to see in life. I always see 11:11 but I also know I chose to believe it’s good luck and my brain looks for and notices it. If I were a negative person, I would see something different. Perception is reality.

  2. Affirmations well explained! I, too, have befefitted greatly from reading and following Scott Adams and have written about affirmations and his other ideas quite a few times. Your explanation of it is quite succinct. I linked to this post from my post about the topic.

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