Space Janitor 004

A curtain pulled back before the Space Janitor revealing a landscape before him. Stretching as far as the eye could see and in the distance a twist. He looked over his shoulder and saw a similar sight. Above there was a brightness that his eye could not focus on causing his great big eyes to … Continue reading Space Janitor 004


I was on a podcast

Hi there, this is a real short post. Recently the guys over at Mcpodcasting had me on. Dan and I spoke about Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. You can watch the first half hour on YouTube here: You can listen to the full episode here. Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend. Speak … Continue reading I was on a podcast

Sports Massage: How you can make yourself flexible

Sports massage is excellent, you should get one at some point in your life. There you go, that’s it, article over, right? There’s a chance that you’re sceptical about what it is and you don’t trust me. Totally understand you. There’s nothing wrong with crossing your arms and narrowing your eyes. That goes double for … Continue reading Sports Massage: How you can make yourself flexible