Space Janitor 022

The tunnel carried Space Janitor (022) along he felt the air pushing against his face. His gums flapped in the breeze. Saliva, paratroopers, bailing from his mouth when they reached a certain mass.

The light strobed before him as he twisted and turned in the system. From what little he could make out, it was clearly a different style of the tube system. It was different from the one he travelled through earlier. This one felt tighter, more compact.

Space Janitor felt himself slow down and the tube came to an end. The momentum carried Space Janitor along. Space Janitor without thinking held his arms out to steady himself.

“Hey buddy, you’re a dog not a duck. Hold your arms in” the Spenglatic said. Space janitor tucked his arms in tight. Gravity grabbed Space Janitor and brought him towards the ground.

“Am I going to die?” Space Janitor asked. He may have been addressing the Spenglactic, he may have been addressing himself. There is also a chance he was talking to some higher power he was unaware of.

“You got a chance to not if that’s any use to you. Take the nozzle off the side there.” said the Spenglactic. Space Janitor reached down. “I’d do it a bit faster if I was you.”

Space Janitor unhooked it from the holster. The ground was getting closer and closer. Space Janitor had been launched skyscraper height through the air. It was a mystery to him how he had not managed to hit anything. Space Janitor could just about make out the ground below him. As the dark blur grew larger, he knew that he was running out of time.

Space Janitor felt that he was being thrown, literally, from one scenario to another where he was about to die.

“What do I do now?” asked Space Janitor.

Space Janitor 022

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