Vinnie walked (Super short story)

empty road with fog

Vinnie walked the street to the bus stop. He reached for his lighter and thumbed the flint in his pocket. The street was empty and the halogen lights came on. He stood still for a moment and then paced about, hands in pocket. Photo by Aleks Magnusson on The bus came, he got on … Continue reading Vinnie walked (Super short story)

Raftman Dilemna – (super short story)

a woman in gray blazer and black skirt standing near the man in black suit sitting on the chair

You gotta see it from a big picture perspective Raftman, said Vinnie. Photo by cottonbro studio on Big perspective big perspective, that’s all I ever hear about, you know. Bobby you need to take a step back, Bobby look at it five years from now. Well I don’t got five years, the rate I’m … Continue reading Raftman Dilemna – (super short story)