You will make me a better writer

Practice makes perfect, or consistently practising may improve your life. That’s the moral of this post.
You think I’m losing the plot, starting up a blog at my age. “Kieran’s missed his chance,” you think, you might be right.
You’re reading because you’re curious. Is this a mid-life crisis? There’s a chance that I’ll crash and burn, that’ll be fun to watch.
I don’t blame you if you’re thinking I’m going nuts. I’m not sure myself. Is it optimism or delusion, time will tell.
The men in white coats aren’t kicking my door in before they do I have a proposition for you.
You and I are going to work together.
You’re going to make me a better writer.

How you’re going to help

My plan is this; I’m going to put out a blog post like this every Monday and put out a short story on Wednesday and Friday. You need to check on those days that I’ve posted.
You don’t even have to read what I’ve written. All you have to do is go to and see that I’ve posted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Go to on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If there’s no new post would you mind sending me some abuse because I need work on being consistent.
That’s all I need from you for now. You and I’ll start off small.
You don’t have to read on from here, in fact, I’d prefer if you didn’t.
Big step/little step
I had 53 views on in February without any promotion. I aimed to get 106 by the end of March. It’s over halfway through March, and the site has 228 views.
If you’re one of the people who viewed the site, thank you. I appreciate you taking the time.
“228 isn’t anything to be proud of,”you’re right.
You gotta understand, putting my writing online for people to see in the first place is a big step.

Cart meet horse

The main reason that my writing stays hidden is that it isn’t good enough. That’s fair enough; you know what I realised that I should be more worried about? Writing every day.
You can worry about how you’re never going to be as good as Mozart, but you should consider buying a piano.
My piano is writing every day.
When you write every day, you realise something. The majority of all writing is rubbish.
You may have noticed this yourself if you’ve been on my site. The quality so far on isn’t great. It might not ever be great.
I’m going to stop worrying about the quality I’m going to focus on writing every day.
You improve your chances of writing a masterpiece by picking up a pen.
Being good will come later, right now the most important thing is to become consistent.
You’re going to help me be consistent.
Consistency isn’t my strong suit, you’ve noticed. I was aiming to post a short story every day, that wasn’t working. That’s why I’m going to posting three times per week.
I’ll still be writing every day, I have several projects in development. I have a play about the #MeToo movement that I want to stage in May. Tuesdays, Thursdays and the weekends aren’t rest days.

Consistency is key

The universe is chaos. Humans have fought against that chaos with routine, ritual and consistency.
You get up on a Monday, drive to your £40k a year job at Amnesty International. You work 9-5 go home and have dinner. If you can do that the universe can’t be all that chaotic, can it?
Days of the week, hours in the day, the value of money and human rights are all agreed on communal hallucinations. If any of these were to break down society would collapse. These hallucinations order the chaos and give us consistency.
You know this already, consistency is key.
Once you’re consistent, everything else becomes a little easier. How do you become consistent, through a routine.
I only recently realised now the importance of routine. If you have a routine and are consistent in it, you have an advantage over me.
I would love a routine. How am I going to get into one? First of all, I’m going to need a new job. I work in a cinema and have done so for almost ten years. The rota changes week by week; it is inconsistent.
I’m almost 32; I can feel the late nights and early starts affecting me. Late nights especially. They eat into the next day and before you know it you’ve lost two days.
Working in the cinema has made forming a routine impossible.
I have stayed at the cinema because it’s been such a great place to work. The time at the cinema has been great, made good friends and had fun but now that time is over.
If I’m going to be serious about being a writer, I will have to get out of my comfort zone.
If you and I are going to work together, I have to commit myself. Getting a new job with regular hours will be one of the steps that I need to take.
I know I said all I needed from you was to look at the site but one more thing. If you see me working at the cinema would you mind saying “You need a new job” because the shame will be a motivator.
I was going to tell you about some of the other plans that I have for our partnership, but that’s for another time.
Once I’m consistent I’ll tell you more.
Consistency comes first.
Looking forward to working with you.

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