You got unfollowed, now here’s why: Quick Bits

You may notice, every once in awhile your follower count goes down. You got unfollowed, how come?

You got unfollowed

To grow my account, I have been going on an unfollowing spree. I was following 450 accounts and have trimmed it way down to 150.

Allow me to share my unfollowing criteria with you. You might find it helpful when it comes to working out why your followers, engagement is down etc.

1: You got unfollowed because your follow to follower ratio is out of whack

I know this one may seem counter-intuitive to you but hear me out. If you’re one of these accounts that are following 14k people are you reading every tweet? I’m not saying I read all the tweets in my timeline. What I am saying is you definitely aren’t. Also, are you going to notice if I stop following you?

2: Your account is inactive.

Your last tweet was December 2017, yeah, you’re not coming back. Buh-bye.

3: I have no idea if you’re a bot or not.

All your account does is retweet other accounts. What’s the point in you being on here? All you’re doing is boosting other people’s signal. I have no idea if you’re a bot or not. In fact, there are some bots more entertaining than your account.

You can fix this by tweeting more of your own content. You can start small, with the next time you go to retweet someone shares your own thoughts. Quote, tweet it.

4: You got unfollowed because you’re negative 24/7

All you do is complain. No one wants to read that. Certain accounts on here feel like we’re all just waiting for them to commit suicide. I hope they don’t, but they are so ingrained and committed to being negative there’s no getting through. In the end, you have to cut them out for your own mental health.

One other point, there’s a difference between sharing your vulnerability and complaining.

5: You got unfollowed because you’re political (pot and kettle I know)

This is similar to being negative. I have been guilty of this myself. 2016-2018 politics was a hell of a drug. We all got a lil addicted and again, guilty as charged.

Some people are still addicted. Here’s the thing, it’s sad to watch. There’s a guy on Facebook who posts politics non-stop. No one interacts with him. It must be taking a toll on him on some level. No one is forcing him to do this. He says he can quit any time.

Do you believe him?

I have been weaning myself off the political stuff. It has taken time, but I’ve had to be strict.

I’ve unfollowed moderates like Maajid Nawaz and Tim Pool. You know what I don’t miss it. You won’t either, cut the politics.

6: You are so damn repetitive, you are so damn repetitive

This one is easier to see with the Corona Virus taking a hold. Yes, I think it’s worse than the flu. Will it wipe us all out. Well, either it will or it won’t. What I do know is there is nothing I can do about it. We’re in the fog of war with Corona virus. It’s hard to know what’s right, what’s a rumour, and who is the fox to our Chicken Little. Unlike Chicken Little repeating the sky is falling over and over again isn’t helping. In fact, you run the risk of turning people like myself off. Actually, it’s more close to Climate Cultists.

“The world is ending,”

“OK, what steps are you taking?”

“There’s no time, the world is ending,”

“Right, do we just let it happen then?”

“What part of their’s no time the world is ending, don’t you understand?”


Like more power to you, but if you’re making an observation, it has been noted.


You got unfollowed but if you want to keep your twitter count steady, do the following:

  • Keep your follower count low. Follow the people you want to.
  • Tweet often so we know you’re alive.
  • You can repeat yourself but don’t do it too much.
  • Post your own tweets.
  • When you do post, make sure they’re not all “I hate my life.”
  • Drop the politics
  • You can repeat yourself but don’t do it too much.

Did you find that useful? If you did you might find this post on Speech Cheat Codes useful too. Read it here now.

If you want to work out if I’m worth a follow or not here’s a link to my twitter.

Hope I don’t break too many of my own rules.

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2 thoughts on “You got unfollowed, now here’s why: Quick Bits

  1. Great points. You may also be unfollowed if you don’t reciprocate. Like answering or liking comments, liking or following other blogs. Though I realize those with thousands of followers can’t always spend time reading other blogs, it is nice to show they care about their readers in some way.

    1. Those are some great points. Checking in with people every once in a while makes a world of difference doesn’t it?

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