Vinnie Searched (Super short story)

Vinnie searched for a phone booth. He found one. Looked through the book pointed to a spot on a page then tore it out, folded it and put it in his pocket. and find an address. He tore the page from the book, folded it and put it in his pocket. Vinnie dipped his hand into his pocket. Pulled out an assortment of coins. He looked at them before returning them to where they were.

wide road with street lights vinnie searched
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He ran off into the night. After several blocks he came to a stop. His chest raised and dropped rapid. Vinnie leant against a lamppost, closed his eyes inhaled deep through his nose then spat. The Street ahead of him was dark and Vinnie jogged with more pace down the street. There were broken bottles on the street and he managed to avoid treading on any. Within a few blocks Vinnie approached a house and knocked the door. After a few moments the door was open and a man stood before Vinnie.

Scooter, how’s it going, Vinnie said.

Are you fucking kidding me? said Scooter. He wiped his eyes. What the fuck you doing calling me scotter, you got some kinda death wish or something? Remember what happened the last time someone called me Scooter. You fucking serious. What are you doing all the way out here anyway.

Sorry Scott, said Vinnie, I didn’t mean to call you that.

What the fuck you want? said Scooter.

I was just out and about and was thinking maybe you want to have a beer or something?

Jesus fucking Christ look at yourself, said Scooter. You think I want a beer with you now. You know what I got? I got to be in work the morning. You think I have time for a beer.

Hey I know, I know, said Vinnie, you got work I got work everyone’s got work.

You? said Scooter, You mean to tell me you got a job? What have they got you doing? You got a job, I’m going to call bullshit on that. You have a job don’t make me fucking laugh.

Well it’s not a job, said Vinnie. It’s not a job in the traditional sense. But you know how it is? Working man’s got to do something to earn his crust.

Yeah, he sure does but look at you, said Scooter, You, you burn your crust every time. Are you capable of earning anything? Is that something you’re willing to do? Jesus Christ look at you, I mean you smell like fucking shit? And now you what? Will I have a fucking beer with you, you serious? I gotta get up in four hours. And what are you gonna do? Where you gotta be? You gotta be nowhere that you’ll probably, Jesus I don’t know, who knows with you Vinnie.

Fuck sake Scott. I thought maybe you know, said Vinnie, for old time sake.

Old times sake? Said Scooter. Jesus give me some respect, you think I’m an idiot you think I want to be freezing my ass off at one thirty in the morning when I gotta be up soon.

Ok, Ok, said Vinnie. I just thought that.

You just thought what? said Scooter How about this? How about you just tell me what the fuck you want. Tell me what it is. You’re here for my money. You want money from me? You want me to reach in, pull out a couple of dollars shovel in your hand and say are the best Vinnie?

No that’s not it, I don’t even want your fucking money, said Vinnie

Oh come on, said Scooter. You come here. You lie to me. And you won’t tell me nothing. And I don’t even want to know. The thing is, after last time, maybe, you know maybe I should invite you in but I haven’t. You know why? Because I do not want you in my fucking house. My wife who is asleep does not want you in this fucking house. Okay. And you can say oh, she just been a bitch.

On occassion maybe but you don’t get to say that, first because she’s my wife and second it has nothing to do with you. As much as she hates you and as much as she doesn’t want you in here, I even more don’t want you in here. It’s all on me Vinnie. Look at me. I didn’t forget what you did for me but that does not mean you get to show up whenever you want.

C’mon Scott, said Vinnie. Can I not crash on your couch, for the night. I’ll be gone even before your wife is up. I’ll be a ghost.

No, said Scooter, because ghosts don’t leave smells. That’s what you do, that’s what you are, you’re a bad smell and you get into things and no matter how much people scrub you aint coming out. I can’t risk that and I know you know what I mean.

Just for the night, Vinnie said. What about the garage, I can go in there if you want.

I don’t want, said Scooter. See thats the thing. You helped me out that one time but all those other people you fucked. You not think theres gonna be some kind of blowback from the whole thing. Gotta learn, these things come back around.

Vinnie nodded and looked down.

I guess you got to get back to bed, with your precious wife, said Vinnie.

I guess thats the size and shape of it, said Scooter.

Vinnie backed off the porch hands in pockets looking at Scooter.

You know what, said Vinnie.

What, said Scooter.

Thanks for nothing Scooter.

Hey fuck you!

Not like that, said Vinnie. He raised a one finger salute, laughed, turned and then walked off into the night.

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