Vampire Survivors (Stupid, simple addictive fun)

Vampire Survivors is stupid. As in it is stupid how addictive it is when there is, almost no gameplay. I mean there is gameplay but the thing is that it is so simple it’s almost not there. All you have is the direction button and that is it.

vampire survivors

You will get swarmed by enemies from the moment you start. It builds in intensity until you die. So far I’ve not lasted more than ten minutes. Somehow I’m hooked. You have an attack but you don’t control when that happens you have to time it. There’s a knack to it, there is strategy. It’s a simple strategy but strategy none the less.

This is it

What’s going on?

The game looks like nes level. How is Vampire Survivors bigger than 1 gig? The sprites are small but the screen gets busy.

As you take out bats skeleton warriors, big praying mantis they drop blue stones which are experience points. When you level up you get a new weapon, or make a weapon more powerful or a charm that increases your health, luck, strength. That kind of thing. Again, none of this is reinventing the wheel but it is done so well that it’s kind of an achievment of its own.

Me losing

Now I’ve not got all that far but later on when you max out levels of certain weapons and items they work together to become evoloutions.

What makes this game so moreish is the balance. You’re not overwhelmed from the start. Everything feels fair and the timer ads a layer of tension and suspense. Can you survive a few extra seconds next time? Again I’ve only played this a few times but I have been impressed with how much it has achieved with so little.

The RPG systems will be what give this game extra life. One hint for you while playing, aim to max out your luck in the power up menu.

Again I did not have much in the way of expectations for this game but it has bitten me and now I’m hungry for more.

The game also plays fantastic on the Xbox Game Pass App.

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