Top 5 Games 2010-2019

Here are my top 5 games of the last decade. I don’t game as much. I still think that they are a valid medium it’s just that they’re so big and long. The writing, for the most part, is pretty terrible but here are some that have stuck with me over the last ten years.

Top 5 games

Top 5 Games of the last decade

5: Mass Effect 2

This is one of the first games that I bought all the DLC for, I didn’t want it to end. The game is not flawless by any means. The final story destination is a letdown. Thankfully this is all about the journey and what a journey you go on.

The subtitle for this game could be “Daddy issues in Space” that’s OK though. There were so many fresh sci-fi ideas in here I lapped it up. From a crashed ship with the captain feeding his crew berries to keep the crew stupid. To the haunted ship where the crew’s memories meld into one.

I played through this several times. Light on plot, deep on character. I loved this.

4: Cuphead

I gotta be honest with you, I still haven’t completed this. Its art style is beautiful. A bullet-hell platformer in a style reminiscent of Tex Avery cartoons.

Cuphead is harsh but fair. Play this in short bursts, and you enter into a trance-like state.

The controls are responsive.

What I like is that while it is challenging, there is a feeling that if you mess up, it’s your fault.

There’s enough variety in here too to keep you going. Each level cleared feels like a victory. All of this accompanied by a cool jazzy soundtrack? Yes, please.

3: Soma

Soma feels like something that only a game could do. You begin as a man going to get a brain scan in the present day. Next thing you wake up in a deserted undersea laboratory at the start of the 22nd century.

I am not going to spoil anything for you here. What it has is moments of tension and dread. It raises questions of ethics, identity, and what it means to be alive. Environmental storytelling is one of the strongest elements on display here. Also, I’ve never played a game that gives off such a feeling of melancholy before. Everything seems laced with a sense of loss and sadness.

It really is quite beautiful.

2: Batman: Arkham City

Everything came together in this sequel. Rocksteady struck a perfect balance. It’s open-world, but it feels contained. Not a single spot seems wasted. There’s something to do. The controls are responsive and do what you want. You feel powerful yet vulnerable if that makes any sense.

Don’t get me wrong, the story doesn’t make sense. The dialogue is groan-worthy; “Ra’s Al Ghul, this man needs a DOCTOR!” (Bear in mind Al Ghul stabbed the guy). It also doesn’t have the fantastic fear toxin sequences from Arkham Asylum. All that aside, this is brilliant. They made you feel like Batman.

Rocksteady got the balance perfected with this one.


Top 5 games

1: Celeste

I’m a sucker for platformers and metaphors. You are trying to climb a mountain and overcome your depression. All you  can do is grab onto walls and do a speed boost. You learn these moves at the start of the game, and that’s all you get. No upgrades, no additions. A simple mechanic but the designers keep finding new ways of getting you to play on. Now at the start of this, I said that most video game writing is terrible. Celeste is the only exception, great story. The soundtrack to this is fantastic too.

Conclusion: Top 5 games

You might think that I missed out on some important games. Chances are I did and to be honest you’re right. There are so many good games out there and I’m not likely to play them. In particular Last of Us is something I know I’m never going to play.

There you go, those were my top 5 games. Agree, disagree, what were your top picks?

4 thoughts on “Top 5 Games 2010-2019

  1. Tried to get into Batman: Arkham City just didn’t seem to click! Maybe it’ll be worth another go! Thanks for this post. 🙂

    1. You’re welcome, I understand its not for everyone and there’s a bit of a learning curve but the core gameplay of stringing together combos is pretty addictive. Thanks for commenting.
      Would you have a game to recommend?

      1. I’d love to hear your recommendations on some RPGs, ESO, WoW that sort of thing if there’s any that you prefer or what not. A lot of people are raving about The Witcher TV and book series, not so much about the games at the moment. Have you played 3?

      2. You know what I haven’t played Witcher 3 but am considering giving it a go.
        I’m probably going to do an all time top 10 list.
        Also thinking about a list of underrated RPGs.
        Thanks for the comment, you’ve given me some ideas there.

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