Top 5 blogs 2020 (most viewed)

As the end of the year approaches it is a time to reflect. Here are the top 5 blogs of 2020. These posts are ranked in ascending order.

A quick thank you from me.

Top 5 blogs 2020

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5 – The Simplified Story System

This one feels like it needs updating. I will get round to doing a more simplified simplified story system. As it stands this will do for now. Have you made use of this system?

I’m glad there are people accessing this. Are they implementing the system? Not sure.

Now obviously because I wrote it I am biased but this might be one of the best guides to help you structure any kind of story. You can use it for tweets, blogs, short stories, scripts. You name it and it can be used.

4 – Short Stories: 6 free short stories you can read now

A friend reached out to me and said they enjoyed my short stories. The only problem was they had trouble accessing them. The problem gave me the idea to compile the short stories into longer posts. It appears to have worked a charm as these stories are now getting more readers than they ever have.

Honestly, the stories have remained unchanged. For better or worse. I’m hoping better but what can I do? I can go back over them and edit them accordingly. In time, it will be done.

The popularity of this particular post and the halo effect it has had on other short story posts has made me realise that there is a purpose to continuing with short story publishing. More to come in 2021. Hope you give these stories a read. Let me know what you think of them in the comments below.

3 – Corona Crazies and how to avoid them

This one feels like it should have gone higher. Anyway, I am content with it being slap bang in the middle. The information in this post is still relevant. The virus is still with us and we are stuck indoors.

Hopefully it will come to pass but just as important as not getting the virus, so is keeping a hold of your mental health.

Do you have any tips for me?

You have probably heard heartbreaking stories of people in lockdown. It feels like the true extent of the damage of lockdowns has yet to be revealed. Be mindful of your mental health. Read the post. I hope you find it helpful. We all want each other to come out of this stronger.

Stay strong, you got this.

2 – Persuasive Writing is the best writing

There were no expectations with this post. I expected to get a few reads and some people would say they liked it and that would be the end.

I have never been so happy to be so wrong. The Best Way to Say It by Joshua Lisec has to be one of the greatest writing courses I have ever completed.

Joshua breaks down the writing process and makes it so sinple that you’ll be amazed at how blind you’ve been all these years.

Helping more people discover this has been an honour. Happy writing to all of you who took advantage of the course.

1 – Kanye West Joe Rogan Interview

Kanye believe it? (Sorry)

This one went huge. No suprises there. The Kanye West Joe Rogan interview was one of the most entertaining 3 hours of 2020 and I hoped my summary helped. You would think that 3 hours is extensive for an interview. I felt like it was too short. They cover so much. From Star Wars to architecture to Nuclear War. It goes long and wide. Some people are not convinced it is deep enough. That maybe a fair point but I am a devoted Kanye fanboy. I may have the blinders on is what I’m saying.

My summary of the interview went so big that it was picked up by several sites that just link to other sites. It became a perpetual motion machine.

Still, this post might need updating. I’m going to give the interview a relisten at some point next year.

Special thanks

I have some thanks to give out.

  1. Scott Adams for reading and sharing my posts. Without that I would not be writing this post in the first place.
  2. Joshua Lisec for creating The Best Way To Say It and always being available.
  3. Saba from for pushing me to work through difficult patches being patient, kind and understanding
  4. Jose Rosado, my mentor. The first person to take a chance on me and kicking my ass when I needed it, thank you.
  5. You. Yes you did you think I forgot about you? Your the reason I keep posting. With all the distractions in this world, for you to cancel it out and take the time to read my words touches my heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Top 5 blogs 2020 Conclusion

With the year being almost over I am excited to see what the next one brings. I am going to write more short stories. There is a massive Ghostbusters blog I am working on. That is going to be a special one to keep an eye out for.

Onwards and upwards.

See you in 2021.

Happy New Year!


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