The Greasy Strangler (a review)

The Greasy Strangler is one of the most consistent comedies I have seen this year. I was laughing the whole way through, from the beginning to almost the end.

The greasy strangler

If you like Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and The Eric Andre Show, there is a good chance you’ll enjoy this.

It’s gross and absurd in all the right places. Even though its ugliness is deliberate, it looks beautiful. The film has a great sense of style. Like the series of shots of the dad going through the car wash are aesthetic.

Everything is weird and kind of creepy. Think if John Waters and David Lynch teamed up to make a film. It might look something like this.

The Greasy Strangler does that thing where it keeps repeating and repeating and repeating a joke until it kind of breaks your brain, and you find it hysterical. The scene with the three men at the vending machine will tell you how much you’ll like this film. If you aren’t laughing by then, the rest of the film is not for you, so turn it off. Part of my enjoyment of this film could come from the fact that it will infuriate others. It’s one thing to enjoy a film, but to enjoy something that many people hate is a whole other level.

There are several scenes like the one above where it just goes on and on. Because of this, the pacing of the film takes a big hit. I thought it was near over, and there were another twenty minutes to go.

Much respect for the cast of this film. I was not expecting so much nudity, and it’s not flattering nudity, either. I don’t know if you could call the acting good, but some of the line delivery had me in stitches. If this was done with more experienced actors, it feels like it would not be as funny.

The pacing and the last ten minutes stop it from being a 5 out of 5, which feels like it was part of a longer sequence that would make more sense.

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