Raftman entered his house (Super Short Story)

house with orange light during night time

Raftman entered his house. His wife looked out from the kitchen then looked back to the pots. "You’re back," she said. "You’re right," Raftman said. "I am back" "There’s no need for you to be sarcastic," "Val, how the fuck am I being sarcastic," Raftman said. "I just got in the door and you’re already … Continue reading Raftman entered his house (Super Short Story)

Raftman Dilemna – (super short story)

a woman in gray blazer and black skirt standing near the man in black suit sitting on the chair

You gotta see it from a big picture perspective Raftman, said Vinnie. Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.com Big perspective big perspective, that’s all I ever hear about, you know. Bobby you need to take a step back, Bobby look at it five years from now. Well I don’t got five years, the rate I’m … Continue reading Raftman Dilemna – (super short story)