Space Janitor 019

Space Janitor 019 approached the door, and it opened automatically. The room was empty. Except for the middle of the room. In the middle of the room, there was a desk. On the desk sat a backpack with a hose attached. Space Janitor regarded it curiously. He l got in closer to the pack and … Continue reading Space Janitor 019

Space Janitor: Late arrivals (001-010)

“I’ve just arrived,” said the space janitor. (Space Janitor: Late arrivals) “Obviously,” said the being the podium. The being behind the counter had some British Bulldog predominating in genealogy. The classic line, late 20th century. Deliberately designed to have respiratory problems. Here standing before the space janitor, this one. A quick check of the photographic … Continue reading Space Janitor: Late arrivals (001-010)