Space Janitor 178: Watching them go (join them)

Space Janitor (178) turned to Shep and smiled.

“What would I do if I went with them? I’m not sure that I would be a good match,” Space Janitor said. “Besides, you and I are having too much fun as it is, right?” Shep gave no response. “I’ll take that as a yes,” Space Janitor said. Shep rolled his eyes and walked past him.

“Now we have to work out what to do with all these strays,” Shep said looking around. “They’re not going to have anywhere to go. They’ll get stuck in the works doing something stupid,” Shep sighed. “Look, you and I know them getting destroyed is the last thing anyone wants but the thing is there’s no room for them in the Jani-Corps. Housing, feeding, training? Not worth the credits if you get what I’m saying,” Shep said. He walked down the corridor. Space Janitor followed.

Space Janitor followed along behind, letting the words and phrases roll over in his head. He had seen piles of bodies in the mines. There was no need to cast these dogs into the pit alongside their fallen friends. Space Janitor shivered.

The corridor stretched on, and Shep came to the lift entrance. Space Janitor stepped in beside him.

“Is there somewhere else they could go?” Space Janitor offered.

“Like where? Do you think that this will just sort itself out? There are hundreds of dogs down here. Many have not even the most basic of breaking in and at their age? It’s sad to see. You know, if I was able to cry, I would. Sadly, cybernetics,”

“Could we do that?” Space Janitor interrupted.

“Do what?” Shep said.

“Maybe, give them over to some sort of cybernetics division. Programme the training into them? Would that work?” Space Janitor asked.


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Space Janitor 178 Space Janitor 178

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