Space Janitor 177: They leave the area (bye)

Space Janitor (177) watched as there appeared to be an excitement in the air. An excitement that felt contagious. Even though Space Janitor knew that it was not him that was getting spoken to he felt like it was him too that was being freed from the chains of oppression. He wanted to run free with the dogs, but he had to remind himself that he still had a job to do.

The other dogs, on the other hand, had worked themselves up into a state of frenzy. Some of them could not even hide their excitement, they barked loud and drooled heavy. Shep watched them all with a smile. He even let out a few barks too. Did Shep believe his own words? Was he going to go stray?

Shep pointed to a pathway.

“That way is freedom. You know it. I know it. What are you waiting for?” Shep asked them, they looked down the path. The light grew bright. The pawed at the ground and kicked up dirt. They moved in circles. Space Janitor noticed himself pacing then stopped himself from doing so. “You want it, you can go for it. Nothing is stopping you,”

The dog who had been a guard was the first to put his paw forward across the line. There was a moment. The guard dog immediately pulled it back afraid. He looked to his other compatriots for encouragement.

Space Janitor and Shep watched on.

A smaller dog bolted ahead from the pack. He shot off into the light his barks reverberated down the tunnels.

The other dogs listened a moment then disappeared after them.

Space Janitor looked round to Shep and smiled. The two looked down the tunnel listening to the barks.

“Are you tempted to join them?” Shep asked Space Janitor


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Space Janitor 177 Space Janitor 177

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