Space Janitor 176: Digger is gone (the vanishing)

Space Janitor (176) watched on as Denabol and his small pack moved away. He watched as they disappeared down a tunnel. The last he saw was of Digger vanishing into the darkness. Space Janitor smiled and then looked round to the rest of them. In particular, Shep.

Shep was still watching to make sure that they had disappeared down the tunnel. When he was satisfied, he returned his attention to the group.

“Now that the alpha has left the rest should be easy to clear out,” Shep said with a wry smile on the side of his face.

Shep looked at the rest of the gathered dogs and then to the lighter end of the tunnel.

“Are you the new leader now?” asked one of the assembled dogs.

“No,” Shep said. “You have no leader now. You are your own leader.

“What do you think we should do,” another dog asked.

“That’s not up for me to decide. I can’t even tell you what to do even if I knew or wanted to. Does that make sense?”

Space Janitor could see that Shep’s words were not penetrating their skulls. Maybe it was the berries, perhaps they weren’t that bright. Either way, they looked confused.

Shep looked at them. Then barked. It fierceness sent a shiver through their collective spines, including Space Janitor.

“You can stay here,” Shep said between barks. “Or you can live free, the lead has been cut. Run far and run wide. Spread the word to your fellow dogs. No one has a master,”

Space Janitor could see that this was going in with more ease. Their tails wagged, and their tongues lolled about in their mouths hanging out the side.

Space Janitor was excited for them. Was this the effect that freedom had on the dogs?


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Space Janitor 176 Space Janitor 176


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