Space Janitor 175: Denabol is upset (What happened?)

Space Janitor (175) could see that Denabol was upset. There was something that happened to him. Was he maybe some kind of surface dog? Was he registered? Space Janitor thought about how there might come a time or series of decisions. Decisions that would lead to him digging down. It felt good to dig down. It felt like he was getting away. Space Janitor knew that he was not going anywhere in particular, but it soothed him.

Shep gave Space Janitor a look then returned the gaze to Denabol.

“You know that many of these dogs will be destroyed?” Shep asked. “The station likes to keep the dog population on a lease. We all want to do what we can to be good boys and girls. Overbreeding, straying, too much digging. That is what gets you designated bad dog,”

Denabol looked Shep in the eye.

“I understand,” Denabol began. “It’s know that they will put me to sleep if they catch me. I know they will put all my pack to sleep if they catch up with us. It was stupid of me, but I thought if I could dig down far enough, they would let us be. Then when I realised that was not going to be an option. I thought we could mark our territory and they would respect that but they won’t. The Station masters keep a firm grip on the lead. You and I both know that on some level Shep,”

“I do,” Shep responded, nodding. “All days end with a long sleep. You want to stay awake on your own terms I just want to squeeze in some more daylight,”

“A difference in thinking,” Denabol said. “Well pack, there is digging to be done,” Denabol said.

Space Janitor wondered, how long would he be awake?


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Space Janitor 175 Space Janitor 175


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