Space Janitor 174: Denabol makes tracks (goodbye)

Space Janitor (174) looked at the small dog. The little dog looked defeated.

“I just thought that some of you might be curious as to what decision I was going to make,” the small dog said.

“Thank you for informing us,” Space Janitor said. “We hope you find a good life with the rest of the pack,” Space Janitor looked around to Shep who nodded at him.

“Well, in that case, I guess we have to make tracks,” Denabol said, stepping forward. “Is there anyone else coming with us?” Denabol was met with silence. “I don’t know how deep the underside of this station goes, but I know that I want to find out. It’ll be fun, and some of you are missing out,”

A few more of the dogs from the pack and one of the guard dogs stepped forward swayed by Denabol’s words.

“Hold on now,” Shep said. “What do you think you are going to do with the rest of the strays? You can’t run off and leave them down here,” Shep watched Denabol. Denabol thought for a moment before turning to Shep.

“What do you expect me to do?” Denabol responded. “I’ll put out a statement telling them they are free and the rest of me can come to follow me. No pressure on them. Won’t take it too personally,”

“That is all well and good Denabol but the ones who don’t follow you? The station will not appreciate a surge in the dog population,”

“They can put it on the list of unreported beings. That was where they put us before, and it’s not going to hurt them to put us on it again,”

Space Janitor saw the pain in Denabol’s eyes. Was he one of the unlisted before he descended?


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Space Janitor 174 Space Janitor 174


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