Space Janitor 173: Small dog speaks up (again)

Space Janitor (173) stood for a moment awaiting response.

“I guess it is then,” said Digger. Space Janitor tried to work out if the dog felt anything. It was hard to tell. On the inside, Digger could have been crying a river, on the surface, he was a frozen lake. Space Janitor felt embarrassed for being so invested in the dog he had only known for a little while.

“Well take care then,” Space Janitor said. Digger nodded. Space Janitor wanted what was best for the dog and wished him well.

“I’m going to be going with them too,” said a voice from the pack.

“Who said that?” another voice asked.

“It’s me,” said a small dog stepping forward. “Yep, the surface is no place for me. What use is up there?”

“All the best to you,” Space Janitor said. Space Janitor turned to the other assembled dogs. “What are we going to do with the rest of,” he was cut off.

“No place for a dog like me,” said small dog. “All I know is below the surface, and there’s no way of knowing where I’ll end up next,”. Space Janitor nodded. “But that’s all just part of it, right. You get up you go, all you want to do is make some sort of difference in the world but that you don’t know if you do it,”

“Very good,” Space Janitor said. Space Janitor looked to Shep, nodded.

“Not that I need any reassurances,” continued the small dog. “All I’ve known is the dig and the love of it. But then I ask myself, is this all there is to it? What if there’s something, someone waiting for me. Like you said Digger, you can’t dig up,”

“I’m sorry, but who are you talking to?” Space Janitor asked.


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Space Janitor 173 Space Janitor 173


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