Space Janitor 171: Can I change your mind (who is free)?

Space Janitor (171) wondered is there a way that he could change Digger’s mind. The other dogs accepted what Digger had to say. Some of the other dogs looked back and forth between each other. They were waiting for some order or signal. They were so used to getting orders that they didn’t realise that they could think for themselves. Space Janitor thought it was sad.

No sooner had the sadness entered Space Janitor’s thoughts than it was cast aside by a white-hot rage. It burned him with an intensity that Space Janitor worried it would come bursting out his chest.

What was that thought? I hear you ask. You probably already know what it is. In fact, once I reveal it, you will say something to the effect of, “Of course,”

Space Janitor understood that he was no different from these dogs. The dogs were just like him. Not in the sense that they are the same species but look at it this way. Space Janitor, to the best of his knowledge, was aware that he only existed for a couple of Olden Earth Hours. (I’ll say here that I’ll refer to them as OEH from now on, but you know I’ll forget this). Here’s the thing all he did was wait for instruction. How was he anymore free than these dogs. How was Space Janitor freer than Digger? Was he happier than these dogs? Did freedom matter?

Space Janitor became aware of his hypocrisy and felt a bit disgusted at himself. There was no right answer here.

Space Janitor was only motivated by his own selfishness. Space Janitor wanted Digger to reject digging. Not because he wanted what was best for Digger but because Space Janitor likes Digger.

Was this goodbye?


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Space Janitor 171 Space Janitor 171


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