Space Janitor 170: Digging time (paws for a thought)

Space Janitor 170 watched as Digger stood looking at the ground. Digger looked like he was deep in thought. His fur was slick with sweat. Space Janitor noticed how clods of dirt had clustered throughout his mane. Digger huffed and puffed, looked up to see if he was still being watched. He was. Space Janitor was concerned about how the dog would respond.

Digger took a deep breath and then looked up at the gathered assortment of dogs.

“I have just had a thing there,” Digger began. There was another brief silence. When Digger spoke, he stuttered. I will leave it up to you to insert your own stutters as it can be annoying to read and storytellers have a tendency to overegg the pudding. Anyway, here is what Digger had to say;

“Digging is what I like to do. I liked it so much. I changed my name to it. But I’ve been hearing that Denabol may be making us think we like it when we might not even. That hurts me, Digger, because I thought that we were all in this together. Sadly, there may be something out there I could be doing better and enjoying even more. Here though is where the think gets squidgy and thick. As far as I, Digger, know I still like Digging the best. If digging isn’t right for me, I don’t care. I want to stay like this and keep on digging. In fact, as I’ve been saying this all I’ve been thinking about is how much time I could be used for digging,”

Digger stopped talking then looked back to the ground below him.

Denabol smiled.

“It would appear a choice has been made,” Denabol offered.

Space Janitor thought, was this it?


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Space Janitor 170 Space Janitor 170


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