Space Janitor 169: Digger’s conundrum (To dig or not)

Space Janitor (169) was standing on the outskirts of the group. Denabol had waded closer to Digger, and the two of them appeared to be sharing some kind of moment. Their gaze was locked in. Space Janitor observed. Was this another one of Denabol’s tricks? Space Janitor had to get closer to Digger and talk to him. Space Janitor was just as much a friend to Digger as Denabol.

“You want to stay and work for me?” Denabol asked him.

Digger looked back, blank, thought for a moment.

“Is work digging? Because that is what Digger likes to do. I’m Digger,” Digger said.

“Yes you are,” Denabol said, reassuring him. Space Janitor could see the flash of teeth from Digger.

“Not so fast,” Space Janitor interjected. “Do you mean that Digger or is that the berries talking?” Denabol looked at Space Janitor.

Digger stood an thought about what was being asked. Digger thought for a long time. Space Janitor wanted to ask Digger to hurry up but didn’t want to affect the outcome or be seen to put pressure on him.

Digger went to speak, everyone leaned in, but no words came out. Everyone relaxed, they might be here a while.

Space Janitor looked back to Shep who was now leaning against the wall.

“I want to dig,” Digger said.

“That might not be you,” Space Janitor said. “Remember how they gave you berries?”

“Still want to dig,” Digger said.

“Don’t feel like you have to say that,”

“How about you respect what the dog wants?” Denabol said interjecting. “The dog likes to dig, who are you to say otherwise?”

Space Janitor stood on the spot, looked between Digger and Denabol. Shep watched on from the further back.

Space Janitor bowed his head. Was this what Digger wanted?


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Space Janitor 169 Space Janitor 169


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