Space Janitor 168: You see the thing is (Reasoning)

Space Janitor (168) wanted someone to speak, but they were to shy to do so. There was a moment when he thought that he should volunteer his own opinion. Space Janitor didn’t want to bias them against Denabol. Space Janitor wanted them to make a choice on their own merit. They all looked amongst themselves, trying to gauge which one would speak first.

“Well boss,” one of the smaller pups started. “You see, the thing is like we’ve been thinking. I think,” the little dog lost confidence in what it was saying. He looked to one of the others in the hope that they would pick up the slack on his behalf.

“Eh,” another one started. It scratched behind its ear. “I don’t even. Don’t even,” his voice became a whisper. “I don’t even really like digging,” he continued. Many of the other dogs nodded in unison.

“And I don’t even really like being a guard dog,” said the former guard dog. Denabol’s honour guard shared a glance between each other. Could these thoughts be spoken out loud?

All dogs were starting to voice their opinion. All except one. Digger.

Digger looked downright disgusted by what he heard. Space Janitor sighed.

“What about you?” Denabol asked Digger. Everyone else stopped. The area of the mine they were all stood in became quiet. The group of gathered dogs turned to Digger. He was a mighty totem that stood above them all.

Space Janitor watched Digger as Digger survey all who stood before him. They were waiting for him to speak.

“I like digging,” Digger said. “All I want to do is dig,”

Denabol smiled, he still had one on his team.

Space Janitor wondered if Digger meant what he said or was it the berries talking?


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Space Janitor 168 Space Janitor 168


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