Space Janitor 167: Digging debate (lip twitch)

Space Janitor (167) saw Denabol’s lip twitch.

“You dogs are telling me that you are done with the digging,” Denabol started. Space Janitor noticed that Digger was fidgeting. Space Janitor reached out and pulled down on Digger’s arm. It appeared to do the trick in the respect that Digger seemed to be less agitated. Space Janitor looked back round to Denabol who was struggling to formulate the words.

“I know that I ask you to dig,” said Denabol. “And dig is what you did for me. Some of you dug better than others. Either way, I appreciate the work that you carried out. It never felt as if it was just for me but for all of us. We were all digging down towards the future, and it felt as if it were finally in reach,”

Space Janitor listened to the words and saw that Denabol was breaking down throughout these words. It looked as if Denabol’s inner world was crumbling. Collapsing in upon itself. Space Janitor knew that it would not be a good idea for anyone to say anything now. These were the most sensitive times. All it would take is for one of the dogs to yelp in excitement, and it would mean game over for all of them. Space Janitor looked them over. Their mouths open, drool pooling in the corners.

“So,” Denabol started. “I have come to realise that I have not always acted in your best interest. I have acted selfishly. Now, as a way of making amends, I want to offer you a choice. The choice to go on your own. Or stay,”

Space Janitor looked around at the rest of the pack. Some of the drool dripped. They knew what the question meant. How would they answer?


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Space Janitor 167 Space Janitor 167


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