Space Janitor 163: The open trap (tempted)

Space Janitor (163) knew that if he wanted out of where he was, he would have to stick to his position. How long he could stay like that would be another matter to him. Denabol didn’t seem like he was much in the mood for negotiating. There was a smell in the air. Acidic.

Space Janitor knew that it was a trap. What other choice did he have?

“Thank you for the offer, but we are going to have to decline in the meantime,” Space Janitor said. He tried to gauge Denabol’s reaction. Space Janitor wasn’t long in waiting.

“That’s fine, I understand. No hard feelings,” Denabol said, his mouth smiling, his eyes wide. “Sure, you can do that. It’ll be a real shame to see you all go, you guys really were my friends,”

Denabol was odd. Space Janitor thought that there was going to be some sort of catch.

“Of course you know that these are all my tunnels and you can’t use them. Hope you understand,” Denabol said. He was going to hold them hostage.

“We dug some of these tunnels, so they aren’t yours,” one of the pack dogs said. Denabol responded with a snarl.

“Don’t think you’re so smart,” Denabol said. “This is my land after all,”

“You said it was ours,” another pack dog offered.

“Huh,” Denabol was taken unawares.

“Yeah, that’s right,” said another. “You said that we were all in this together and this was our home, and we were all welcome here,”

Space Janitor could see Shep approaching. Shep was flanked on both sides by guard dogs.

“They have you there, Denabol,” Shep offered. “Is this not the place that was promised for dogs?”

There was no response.

“Well, is it?” Shep asked, stepping closer.


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Space Janitor 163 Space Janitor 163


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