Space Janitor 162: Out of the tunnel? (Escape)

Space Janitor (162) did not say anything. He noted the mental turmoil that Denabol was going through. Space Janitor decided to chance his luck.

“We’re going to be heading on here boss,” Space Janitor said. Space Janitor indicated to the other dogs that they should turn and follow him towards the exit. They walked slow. They crept. Was it going to be as easy as this?

“Not so fast,” Denabol shouted after them. The pack walked even slower. “I mean stop,” Denabol said. The group of them stopped walking. Space Janitor was a statue. Denabol walked up beside them. Space Janitor felt Denabol’s hot breath from behind in the dim corridor. The exhalation made Space Janitor shiver.

“What is it, boss?” Space Janitor volunteered, he gulped deep. Denabol didn’t respond immediately. Instead, he looked at the group of them up and down. None of them, except for Digger, looked at Denabol. They kept their eyes forward. Space Janitor could see the other dogs shake when Denabol got close to them.

Denabol got in front of Space Janitor, got up in his face. Space Janitor fought every urge within himself to not look away. Space Janitor was being tested, and he knew it.

“Got a bit of bad news for you,” Denabol said.

“That’s unfortunate,” Space Janitor said, holding the gaze.

“It is, it is yes,” Denabol said. “There’s more digging to be done, and with you being my top guys I’m going to need you to hang around and do a bit more. Since you guys are my new A-Team, what can I do to make you stay?”

The group didn’t react. Space Janitor turned around and saw that all eyes in the corridor were on him. He could make out Shep in the kitchen area.

What would Shep advise?


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Space Janitor 162 Space Janitor 162


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