Space Janitor 161: Reasoning with the mob (the bargain)

Space Janitor (161) moved over to be close to the other dogs. Denabol regarded them all with suspicion. The guard dogs had moved up to be beside Denabol. Shep kept a close eye on everyone.

“How did you get here?” Denabol asked the group. No one responded. “Answer your leader,” Denabol said, stepping even closer to them. “I don’t like the silence,”

Digger stepped up.

“He did,” Digger said, pointing to Space Janitor. “He leads us, he told us to go one way, and we did,”

“Is that so?” Denabol said, eyes wide, teeth white. “You thought to play dumb, did you. How did that work out for you in the long run?”

Space Janitor decided it would be best for him to drop the act.

“I don’t know,” said Space Janitor. “I thought that it might work out well for me, but now I see that it might not be the case,”

“How did a dog like you get to be so smart then in that case?” Denabol asked.

Space Janitor looked over Denabol’s shoulder to Shep. Shep shook his head.

“Just did what felt right,” said Space Janitor. “It brought me here,”

“Very good, you could make a good guard dog at some point. Although you are a little on the scrawny side,” Denabol said regarding Space Janitor.

“I just want to get out of here. My pack and I are done with the digging,”

“I’m not,” interjected Digger. Space Janitor rolled his eyes.

“You want to give up now? We are so close to the promise of the great tomb,”

Space Janitor saw that they were expecting a response from him and he didn’t want to let the information slip. He looked to Shep. Shep didn’t respond.

What was Space Janitor supposed to say?


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Space Janitor 161 Space Janitor 161


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