Space Janitor 160: Follow the leader (which one?)

Space Janitor (160) wondered if it was time to talk. Denabol seemed to be stuck looking down at his feet.

“The question still stands Denabol,” Shep insisted. “If any of these dogs were to say they were done with the digging. Done with taking orders. Would you let them go? That’s all I want to know,” Denabol still did not respond. Space Janitor could see a smile form on Shep’s face.

“Let me think,” Denabol growled.

“Take your time,” Shep assured him. Space Janitor felt like he could see the cogs turning in Denabol’s head.

“We need to work together if we want to achieve the true equality we strive for,” Denabol said.

“You only need there to be unfairness a while longer?” Shep said.

“It’s not,” Denabol said. “There needs to be those who know their place. We can’t all be the leader of the pack,”

“And somehow you need to be the top of the pack. That works out well for you. Maybe other dogs would be better at leading than you,” said Shep.

Denabol growled at the suggestion. There was no way he could keep the two thoughts in his head simultaneously.

“You might be a better digger than you are leader,” Shep said.

“I’m the best digger,” came a voice in the back.

Space Janitor looked to see that Digger and the other dogs from the pack now made their presence known.

“More?” Denabol said. “How many of you are slacking off?”

“The question still stands,” Shep reminded. “One of these dogs could be a leader, but how would they ever know? There’s no way for them to find out. Not with Denabol in charge,”

Denabol looked at the dogs that stood before him. How hard would he punish them?


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Space Janitor 160 Space Janitor 160


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