Space Janitor 159: Paws for a thought (An ethical question)

Space Janitor (159) understood that he had a bit of an advantage over Denabol. How long it would last remained to be seen. Shep was not letting anything go. All Space Janitor wanted was for Shep to give him a nod or a wink or some sign of recognition. Space Janitor understood that it was not going to be as easy as that.

“Look, you have everything you need right here, Denabol,” Shep said. “How come you feel the need to want to dominate everything? If you try and take a section of the station, you’re dead. It might not be immediate, but you and I both know where it ends. Even dumb dogs like this one,”

Shep indicated Space Janitor. Space Janitor smiled and wagged his tail.

“You seem to be pretty invested in me not harming the dogs,” Denabol said. “Is that the real reason? I don’t think it is. If anything I think you are afraid of the owners. Down here we have no owners,”

“You think there are still owners on the up?” Shep asked, incredulous. “How long exactly have you been down here?” Shep stepped closer to Denabol. The guard dogs stepped in to block. “You were a born stray,”

Denabol did not like the observation.

“There is nothing wrong being a stray,” Deanabol said his voice wavering. “Better than being owned. Much better,”

“On the up, we are not owned,” said Shep. “They give us money, time off, we are free on the up,”

“You are not free. You think you are free,” Denabol said. “Down here we are the owners,”

“Are these dogs free to leave. If they tell you they don’t want to dig anymore, then what?” Shep asked.

Denabol didn’t answer, what was he thinking about?


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Space Janitor 159 Space Janitor 159


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