Space Janitor 158: Who are you trying to impress? (To the line)

Space Janitor(158) paused in his tracks. When he turned around, he could see Denabol’s focus was now back on Space Janitor. Space Janitor realised that he was now supposed to put his hand back in place. He did so. Denabol took the hand and raised the hammer again. There was a glint in Denabol’s eye cruelty dwelt within. A cruelty Space Janitor dreaded to encounter.

Space Janitor put his paw down on the table. Denabol got in Space Janitor’s face. It was only going to get worse. Space Janitor felt fear flow through him.

“Are you trying to prove a point to yourself or me?” Shep asked.

Denabol did not look away from Space Janitor.

“What do you think I’m doing? I’m showing you what we can do together,” said Denabol.

“Look, a well-kept dog is a loyal dog,” Shep said. “I have no doubt in my mind that you could do what you wanted. I believe you. There is no one to convince. Put it down. Let the dog go,”

The words caught Denabol in a way that Space Janitor did not expect. The pupils dilated. Denabol wanted more than anything to cause pain and suffering.

The hammer shook in Denabol’s hand. He lowered it, set it down then released Space Janitor from his grip. Space Janitor stayed standing in the spot looking him directly in the eye. He felt compelled to look away, but for some reason Space Janitor kept his gaze locked.

Space Janitor gulped deep.

“You are lucky you have such a kind dog looking out for you like Shep here,” Denabol said to Space Janitor. Space Janitor didn’t know how to respond.

Denabol did not appear to recognise Space Janitor.

Had Denabol not recognised who he was talking to?


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Space Janitor 158 Space Janitor 158

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