Space Janitor 156: Denabol wields the hammer (play stupid)

Space Janitor (156) could see what it was and it scared him. Denabol had a hammer with serrated edges. It was a meat tenderiser. Space Janitor wanted to yelp in fright, but he fought against the urge. If Denabol was going to do something, then any slip up would cost him further. Space Janitor figured that it would be better to take a little pain over a lot. That was his thinking at least.

Denabol regarded Space Janitor. A smile curled in one corner of his lip.

“You know what this is little pup?” Denabol asked. Space Janitor would have to really stupid it up.

“A radio, yeah definitely a radio. Can I call my mom? I need to be getting home,” Space Janitor said. His voice wavered, but Denabol did not notice.

“I love how stupid they get,” Denabol said to Shep. “Can you imagine leading a pack of these guys upwards and outwards. We could take a whole section of station in no time,”

“It’s easy to mark territory. It’s harder to hold it,” Shep said. Space Janitor realised that a sentence like that could not leave a dog’s mouth had it been on berries.

“That’s not the point. As soon as we lose it then we send more,” Denabol retorted.

“That doesn’t seem to be helping strays,” Shep said. Space Janitor didn’t look directly at Shep in fear of giving the game away.

“The point isn’t to help all strays. Think of the idea of strays. That’s our plan. Anyway, wait until you see,” Denabol said then turned around to Space Janitor. “Put your paw on the table, there’s a good boy,”

Space Janitor didn’t want to. He knew what would happen next. He reminded himself of little pain. How little pain would there be?


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Space Janitor 156 Space Janitor 156


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