Space Janitor 155: Making yourself visible (Denabol discovers)

Space Janitor (155) could see that Denabol and his lot were even closer now. How they had not been seen remained a mystery. Was everyone but Space Janitor consuming berries?

It worried Space Janitor. Why? Because it meant that he was probably either the second or third smartest person in the room. That terrified Space Janitor to no end.

He didn’t want to, but he thought what might be best is to take control of the scenario.

Space Janitor took a deep breath and let himself fall forward. He hit the ground with a clatter. Denabol, the guards and Shep all looked round to see the source.

Space Janitor clambered to his feet and dusted himself off. He felt the eyes of all in the room on him. Denabol’s eyes narrowed until they were pinpricks in his skull.

Space Janitor could see that they had not moved. In fact, no one moved. All the attention was on Space Janitor. He would have to make it useful.

“This isn’t the wood place,” Space Janitor thundered to himself.

“What is this one doing?” Denabol asked.

“What are you doing here?” one of the guard dogs asked.

“This is where they told me to go to, and now I’m here, but it’s not supposed to be,” Space Janitor said feigning confusion.

Denabol looked to Shep and smiled.

“You see how effective they are?” Denabol said. “Your friend has been here how long and listen to how stupid he is. Unless he was stupid, to begin with. Was he?”

“It’s hard to tell. We’re not friends,” said Shep.

For some reason, that remark stung Space Janitor in a way that he had not expected.

“Wait to you see how stupid this makes them,” Denabol continued.

What was it that Denabol lifted from the table?


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Space Janitor 155 Space Janitor 155


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