Space Janitor 154: Hang on in there (Hiding from Denabol)

Space Janitor (154) concentrated and looked closely at Shep’s eyes there was no way to tell. Had Shep eaten the berries? The answer would let him know if Sheo could be relied on.

Space Janitor thought that it wouldn’t be long before the lot of them were discovered. The area they were in was small, narrow, and it was hard to tell what it was exactly.

It appeared that there was not much distance between Space Janitor and Denabol. One false move and the game would be up for the rest of them. Denabol’s guard dogs were big. Space Janitor had more dogs but, except for Digger, they were small. Not even there own guard dog was big.

Denabol spoke some more.

“That’s what I like about you, Shep. You don’t want to always be asking the questions. That’s what it’s like, always with the questions. Honestly, I hate it. You know these dogs are so dumb. If only they would just listen and do what I say. There’s a chance for a better world down here. All they have to do is follow orders,” Denabol said.

Shep had not taken the berries then, Space Janitor thought to himself.

Space Janitor could hear the heavy panting of the dogs beside him. They were going to give themselves up at any moment, and that would be a problem. It was going to be more of a challenge. Space Janitor didn’t want to admit it. Space Janitor would have to decide if this was what he wanted for them. Could he gain the upper hand, there was a chance whatever happened it would get him killed.

Space Janitor looked to the side of him and saw the dogs, eyes full watching Denabol. Would they get themselves killed?


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Space Janitor 154 Space Janitor 154


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