Space Janitor 153: What if a dog wants to dig?

Space Janitor (153) kept his eye on Digger.

Digger was breathing heavy. Space Janitor wondered how the rest of the dogs in the room could not hear him.

Denabol walked around the table and picked up utensils. Turned to Shep.

“This is what the humans would have us use. We used to call them masters. Can you believe that?” Denabol asked Shep.

Shep shrugged and looked at Denabol.

“I don’t really think about the old days. I guess it was thousands of years ago. A time no one thinks of,”

Denabol nodded put the cutlery down on the table.

“Think about it. Think about all this stuff that we have right here that we can use. What do you make of it Shep?” Denabol asked.

Space Janitor could only see the back of his head. Sheps voice was a faint whisper.

“This place is more than a little strange. I wonder what it used to be? When are you going to get them to stop digging? If you’ve already found what you’re looking for, then there doesn’t seem to be much point.”

“You want to know why I keep them digging?” Denabol started “Because the dogs like to dig. I’m not cruel. I’m not horrible. I just want the dogs to be happy. So I let them dig because that’s what they like doing. Could you imagine if I told him to stop? What do you think would happen? All these dogs, all these pack animals. I wouldn’t like to think about what would happen. They would start fighting with one another. They used to fight with each other all the time. That’s why I started giving them these,”

Spears Janitor could see he was holding the berries. The same berries, that made the dogs stupid.

Had Shep eaten them?


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Space Janitor 153 Space Janitor 153

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