Space Janitor 152: Hiding in plain sight

Space Janitor (152) heard a noise coming from a corridor.

Space Janitor regarded the pack of dogs with a sudden look of shock on his face.

“Hide, wherever you can. Do it now,” Space Janitor said to them.

They were not exactly spoilt for choice. There were a few nooks and crannies in the room and that they could finish themselves into.

It took a moment they all managed to find a spot. Some more obvious and others. Space Janitor managed to get in behind some fabric. The rest of them were a little more evident in their places.

Space Janitor held his breath.

An entourage of dogs entered the room.

Denabol was leading the way. The lead dog had a big smile on his face.

Space Janitor saw Shep. He was happy to see him. Space Janitor wondered if Shep was there voluntarily or as a hostage. Space Janitor didn’t want to think about it right now.

How would the other dogs react to seeing Denabol?

Space Janitor looked over to them.

Huffing and puffing in their hiding spots. How long would they be able to stay there?

Would they be enraged knowing that their leader had betrayed them had lied to them?

There was no way to know when suddenly on the other side of the room Space Janitor noticed Digger’s eyes.

Eyes wide and Space Janitor could see the rage building up. He knew Digger had a wave of tremendous anger bubbling up beneath the surface.

The laughter of Denabol and his group made things even worse for Digger. Knives in his back. Pure betrayal.

Space Janitor heard creeks. He heard moans. Denabol and his entourage didn’t see would Digger be able to keep it together?


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Space Janitor 152 Space Janitor 152


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