Space Janitor 151: Setting the table

Space Janitor (151) thought about what they were asking him.

Space Janitor took a moment and thought to himself.

What if this was what they wanted to do? What if this was the point of the operation? Would he be able to keep them under control?

He thought about Shep. Hoped he was alright, would the two ever see each other again?

Space Janitor looked at the pack of dogs. He said to them, “Let’s keep on going. Let’s make sure we are in the right place,”

Space Janitor didn’t know what the problem was. Didn’t know why he held back. As they moved forward, the light grew bigger and bigger. What kind of storage building was this and what type of room where they walking into?

Everything was clean. Everything was new. Space Janitor felt confusion about what was unfolding in front of his eyes.

“Do any of you know what this stuff is for?” Space Janitor asked them

Digger looked around. Sniffed the surrounding area and returned his gaze to Space Janitor.

Digger said, “I think this is definitely the tomb. We have to say to Denabol,”

Space Janitor thought a little longer and pointed on ahead. The dogs continued along.

They came to a large room.

In it, there was a big table. Spread in front of the pack, ready for an almighty meal.

Space janitor looked at the table then looked at the pack of dogs were with him.

Space Janitor was worried. He could see the drool form and the corners of their mouths and drip on to the floor. They were expecting a meal.

Would he have to restrain them? How could he?

If they got overexcited, out of control, would it mean death for them and Space Janitor?


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Space Janitor 151 Space Janitor 151


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