Space Janitor 150: What did they see there?

Space Janitor (150) heard a flurry of activity. Dirt and debris were being cast behind him. Space Janitor clung tightly to Digger’s fur. Space Janitor could listen to the rapid thumping of Digger’s heart on the other side of the ribs. It was almost as if the shaking would bring down the roof of where they were.

Space Janitor could also hear the laughter of some of the smaller dogs.

“Watch it,” shouted the guard dog at one of them after getting pelted with a face full of dirt. The digging continued, and the sound of things falling could be heard.

“Keep going,” the sniffer dog said.

“I see the light,” came another voice.

“There better be more digging,” Digger said.

“Light gets bigger,” said another.

Space Janitor could feel himself sink. What had they found? Space Janitor hoped the light grew bigger still.

The light got more significant, the more they progressed.

“Wow,” said one of the dogs.

Space Janitor decided to see if he could have a look. He moved up Diggers back. The light was a sunrise over Digger’s field of fur.

As Space Janitor got to the peak of Digger’s shoulder, he saw it. What he saw confused him. What he saw in front of him made no sense.

It was a selection of provisions and supplies. It looked like there were stockpiles of food, building material and even weapons.

“This is what you’ve been looking for this whole time?” Space Janitor asked. He wasn’t addressing anyone in particular.

“This must be it, I think,” Digger offered.

“Now we definitely have to tell Denobol,” said the guard dog.

“He’ll be mad if we do,” said the sniffer dog, “I found it,”

“Can we go tell him?” another asked Space Janitor.


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Space Janitor 150 Space Janitor 150


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