Space Janitor 149: Hitching a ride on Digger

Space Janitor (149) felt he was imposing on the bigger dog. At the same time, he didn’t want to get separated from the rest of them. In all honesty, it was a possibility he would have to make peace with.

Digger seemed a little fed up, and he didn’t want to try his patience with him.

“Would you mind if I did? That would be a great help for me, thank you Digger,”

Without responding, Digger lowered himself and Space Janitor got himself onto Diggers back. Despite the dampness, it was soft and through. There were tufts too. How often were these dogs washed? The answer was somewhere in the region of not much.

Once Digger felt that Space Janitor was secured on the back, he stood and continued forward. Space Janitor could hear the sound of furious sniffing around him.

“Here, here,” said one of the smaller dogs. “This way smells different than the rest,” The dogs stopped.

While Space Janitor couldn’t see clearly, he could make out that they had all turned around. They proceeded to look down at some small area of the wall.

“It smells the same,” said the guard dog.

“That’s why you guard, you got them good eyes, me, small, got the better nose. If you want to go one of the ways, then you try this way.

The sniffing came to a stop. Some of the dogs were panting, and Space Janitor could make out some of them lightly whining.

“What are we going to do? This dog could be right, and maybe this is what we have to do,” said Digger to Space Janitor.

“If different means we get closer then I guess we have to,” said Space Janitor.

Was different better?


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Space Janitor 149 Space Janitor 149


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