Space Janitor 148: Does it pass the sniff test?

Space Janitor (148) thought about it for a moment. Could they be trusted to lead the way? There was a chance that they could get them all killed. He would have to trust them and make sure that there was a way for them to keep it safe?

He would have to trust them and make sure that there was a way for them to not charge ahead without him.

“OK, I guess you guys can lead the way,” Space Janitor said, unsure about what it would mean for them.

Space Janitor stepped aside and let them lead the way. When they started, they were slow at first. Trying to get their bearings in the entranceway. Space Janitor watched them as they made their way forward. They disappeared into the deep black of the tomb. Space Janitor kept up with them.

“Please don’t go too far ahead. We all have to stay together,” Space Janitor reminded them. He sped up too to keep up with them. He could make out some of the sheen of Digger’s fur. It was wet from the sweat making Space Janitor’s hand slip. The other dogs were to the side of them; all he could hear was the sniffing. Space Janitor worried about how he wasn’t able to smell as well as the others. Did that make him less of a dog than the rest?

Space Janitor knew that he couldn’t help it, so he clung tighter. Digger stopped suddenly. Space Janitor walked into the back of him.

“Do you want to get on? It’s OK if you do,” Digger whispered.

“What do you mean, I’m not sure what you mean,” Space Janitor whispered back to Digger.

“If you want to, then that’s OK. I don’t blame you. Do you?”


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Space Janitor 148 Space Janitor 148


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