Space Janitor 147: Into the tomb we go

Space Janitor (147 gave it a moment to see what would they would do. Of course, none of them was doing anything. Space Janitor wasn’t in any way, surprised. He knew that none of them would be able to push themselves forward in that case.

Space Janitor took the initiative.

“Well, if this all goes wrong, it falls on me. I am the boss. I think it should be me to do the deed,”

The pack of dogs considered it for a moment then nodded in agreement. Space Janitor went over to the circular valve and grabbed onto it. It took a moment, he was not that strong. He didn’t want to show himself up to be weak in front of the other dogs were. The valve turned, and he breathed sweet relief. It kept turning.

There was a moment. The door felt as if it was stuck, Space Janitor had to force it open. Even though they were down in a mine, the air on the other side of the threshold was stale. The damp of the caves was now replaced by the dry of the tomb. Inside it was dark, and Space Janitor couldn’t see a thing in front of him. He looked back to see the other dogs huddled around the door.

Space Janitor walked forward a bit more.

Where did this lead? He was going to need a light source if he wanted to navigate the darkness. He turned to the pack behind him.

“Do any of you happen to have a torch?” he asked although he didn’t hold out much hope.

“No, we can smell it,” Digger said. “It’s right in there, all the way down there. We can lead it,”

Space Janitor didn’t know what they meant.

“Can we?” one said.


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Space Janitor 147 Space Janitor 147


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