Space Janitor 146: Are we sure this is the right tomb?

Space Janitor (146) gave them another moment to catch up with the point he was trying to make. Unsure of whether time was of the essence or not, he decided to lay it on thicker.

“What I’m saying is that we have no way of knowing if this is the right tomb,” Space Janitor suited. They looked at him. “If we were to go and get Denabol only for this to be the wrong tomb, then he would be most annoyed, and we don’t want that,”

Some of them nodded, although it felt as if it was more of a learned response than anything else.

“We’re not going to alert anyone. Why because we have to go in and make sure that this is what we’re looking for. If anyone goes and alerts anyone and this turns out to be the wrong one well it will be you who is punished. Thank you,”

The dogs that nodded slowed the speed of their nodding. It seems liked he had finally got through to them.

“In that case then we have to do our own investigation,” said the former guard dog. He was smarter than he let on. Space Janitor noted that he would have to keep an eye on that one in that case.

“I agree,” said another, “We don’t want to upset Denabol because if we did, then it wouldn’t be good,”

“It’s obvious than in that case, we have to go into the tomb to make sure it is the right one,” said another dog.

“And if we go in there then there might be some areas that need a digger,” said Digger, true to character.

“Exactly,” said Space Janitor.

“Who opens it up then in that case?” said one of the pack.


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Space Janitor 146 Space Janitor 146


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