Space Janitor 145: Can You Dig it?

Space Janitor (145) watched the reaction of Digger. Did the dog want to stop digging entirely? There would have to be some way for them to be able to keep going. A dog like this, being told to stop entirely. It didn’t seem at all feasible. Space Janitor knew that on some level he would have to mentally prepare. Prepare for the inevitable decline. He hoped the dog would understand.

“Now hold on,” said Digger offering a solution. It struggled and thought. “We, there’s, now. The whole way of us going about this. We can still make sure that dogs are allowed to dig. What happens to the dog that can’t dig? A dog can’t dig isn’t a dog. It’s nothing. Let me dig. That’s all I want,” Digger seemed like he was going to pass out. It felt as if it could not get across what it wanted.

“To be honest Digger, it’s not up to me. I hope you understand,” Space Janitor said, looking to the guard dog. “What happens in the case that we find this tomb?”

The guard dog looks confused.

“I don’t know. Don’t think any of us thought that it would ever be found. There was no way for us to know,” said the guard dog.

“If we tell Denabol, then we stop digging,” said Space Janitor.

“I guess so,” the guard dog said following along. “I mean there’s no reason to keep on digging past the point,”

“Here’s my question to you,” Space Janitor said. He was winging it. “How are we to know we have found the right tomb,”

The other dogs stood and stared blankly at him. What he said confused Digger. Were they getting the point of what he was saying or would he have to continue?


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Space Janitor 145 Space Janitor 145


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