Space Janitor 144: What do we do now?

Space Janitor (144) regarded the guard dog as it mulled the words over in its mind. There didn’t seem to be any response incoming anytime soon. One of the other dogs yapped to get attention from Space Janitor.

“Go ahead,” said Space Janitor.

“Oh, it eh, it. Oh, you know, it eh. Heh. Like if we find it,” said the other dog before going quiet.

“We’re making progress at least,” said Space Janitor.

Another dog wagged its tail.

“Is there something you want to add?” Space Janitor asked.

“Yeah, if we find this then we get Denabol. We call him and bring him down and say something to him like here it is, or who you go and then he gives us the reward,”

“Reward for finding it. I hope you know what the reward is,” Space Janitor said to them.

The dogs went quiet. Space Janitor didn’t like what it implied. Was there a chance there was a reward for them? Was it another one of Denabols tricks. He could see despite the rough living conditions. Despite the wrongness of Denabol, the dogs were still loyal.

Space Janitor lamented. At the same time was encouraged that it would take a considerable amount to crush a dogs spirit.

Digger, in the meantime, was still pacing and getting more and more agitated bt the discussion.

“I don’t know what, what we’re waiting for. We found it. That means we go and tell Denabol. Denabol needs to know. I don’t know what we’re waiting for. You are all taking too long,” Digger barked.

“Now hold on Digger. How do we know you’ll get the reward?”

“Because Denabol said we would,” Digger said.

“If you tell him you know that means no more digging?”


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Space Janitor 144 Space Janitor 144


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