Space Janitor 143: What is in there?

“Sure,” Space Janitor (143) said. “I know what the tomb is, I’m making sure that you know what it is. You need to be careful because part of what I do is a test. Do you understand that, right? You know that’s what it means for us. Now, as part of the ongoing test. You know what comes next, that’s right. I’m going to test you on what the purpose of the tomb of the biggest bone is.”

Space Janitor regarded them. They panted and looked at him with eager eyes.

“If any of you wants to go then now would be your time,” Space Janitor said. It was as if he gave a signal. All the dogs started barking at him to make sure they had his full attention. He looked to one of the smaller dogs. “Go ahead,” said Space Janitor.

The smaller dog was excitable, and when it spoke, it tripped over its own words.

“You see, you see,” the smaller dog said struggling to get the words out. “The tomb of the biggest bone is where all the old runners of the station got laid to rest. Now all that is left are their bones. Dianabol says that when we find it, we are to let everyone know because that means we can stop digging. One of us should really run along and tell the rest. Let it be me,” the small dog said. It drooled and spat as it spoke.

Digger paced around in the background, clearly agitated. Space Janitor would come to him in a moment. Space Janitor wanted to make sure that the rest of the dogs were on the side. In their own way. Space Janitor turned to the guard dog.

“What are we to do when we find the tomb,”


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Space Janitor 143 Space Janitor 143


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